Thursday, June 4, 2009

How About Those Travels?

I just realized today that while the title of this blog includes the phrase "World Travels", that I rarely discuss the traveling aspect. Maybe just in passing, or more often, not at all.

This year already, I've been to Ogden UT, Norfolk VA, Richmond VA, West Point NY, Hunt Valley MD, Shenandoah NP (VA), and Las Vegas NV. All but one of those trips was for business, and most of those were two day trips (so no sightseeing, fabulous outings, or even great dinners). But the trip to Utah was a little different.

It was a business trip during the week. But, starting on Friday, a bunch of my co-workers, other friends, and even my wonderful husband rented a house outside of Heber City (I think there were 16 of us altogether). The purpose: SKI TRIP! Here's the awful truth - up to this point, I had never skied anywhere but New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I know, it's horrible. And worse yet, my own brother lives in Colorado and I have never visited him during ski season (and in Colorado, that's like 6 months of the year). Okay, so I was a powder virgin. But, whilst in Utah, we skied at The Canyons and then at Park City Resort. Oh, boy. Those slopes were MADE for me. I was perfectly happy to get off the lift onto a blue trail and just ski down for as long as it took. Rest stops were disguised as photo ops. No huge challenges, just good snow, beautiful views, and the best part: no lift lines! Sadly, now I am spoiled. But it was great!

My next business trip may involve a side trip to an amusement park known around the world for its roller coasters...

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